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Canberra's Bespoke
Shoe Sole Service

Since 1988

Custom made soles and heels

With over 30 years’ experience, Jhay has earnt the reputation for quality and an extremely high standard of workmanship.
After 16 years in the shopfront, Jhay has moved the workshop out of Dickson and moved on-line for all your bespoke sole and heel requirements.

Only using the highest quality brands such as Topy, Goodyear and Vibram for all repairs and of course the famous Jhay lifetime workmanship guarantee. If you have any problem with the workmanship before the material wears, you can rest assured that it will be fixed free of charge.

How it works

Way 1

Concierge Service
Drop your repair into the concierge

1. Book in your repair

Book in your repair using our online app. Fill out the order form in 3 easy steps.
If you would like a quote, please go to our quote page for an instant quote or submit a custom quote including photo’s

2. Drop off your repair to one of our locations

Please ensure your repair is in a bag with your name inside on a post it note.
Your repair will be picked up on the next driver run and transported to the workshop

3. Pick up your repair at the same location

When your repair is complete, and payment is made it will be transported back to your concierge and ready for pick up

Way 2

Locker Service
Drop off  and collect your repair at the locker
Click here for the step by step guide on how to use the locker system

1. Book in your repair

Book in your repair using our online app or going to Book a repair page. Fill out the order form in 3 easy steps.
Remember to choose location in the drop-down menu and tick an unlocked / empty locker.

2. Leave your repair at the locker

Please ensure your repair is in a bag, put it in the unlocked / empty locker you ticked on the App, and turn knob to lock.
Complete order by filling out details form and click ‘Place Order’ on the App and typing your order number on the keypad of the locker and press ‘OK’.

3. Collect your repair from the locker

You will receive notification when your repair is ready for collection.

Find your locker number and unlock code from Orders on the App, go to locker and enter code to retrieve your repair.