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Delivering the highest standard in Canberra since 2003

Starting out at Falkingham’s Shoe Service back in the late 80’s was the best start to a career you could ask for. Training directly under Frank Pinto and Rocco Reale embedded Jhay with a traditional method of repairing by the two leading Cobblers in Sydney at the time. Leading by example with a high work ethic and respect for the trade was standard practise in every working day. After many years at Falkingham’s, Jhay moved around different repair shops all over Sydney to allow shop owners to take a holiday as his Dj career took off. Then in 1998 Jhay started to work full time @ Shoeworx located in Chifley Plaza. In his time there, Shoeworx became the recommended repair shop for brands, RM William’s, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo.

In 2003 Jhay moved to Canberra and took over Dickson Shoe Repairs and soon named it Jhay the Cobbler

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